Thursday, 3 February 2011

My first Assignment!

I've been considering it for a long time and I finally decided to do it! I've entered a competition. It's mainly for beginners so I should fit in just fine...

Here's my first assignment...

I remembered my grandma telling me about this breath taking lake up in the mountains. It took me all day to find this place, it took me back to my early years when I was still a photographer...
If only I'd remembered to bring my camera, it was just the way the flowers were intertwined as they circled the beautiful blue lake. Just the way she described it.
I let a few tears escape as I took a closer look, I stared ahead, expressionless as I pictured my grandmother sitting among the flowers - in grandpa's arms laughing the day away. I could see her marvelling at the flowers, jumping into the beautiful lake - not caring about her hair.
I couldn't help but want that for myself.


  1. I love your assignment. I am in it too.... look for me

  2. Thanks! I'll keep an eye out! x

  3. It's soawesome to see the same faces in other comps as well