Friday, 21 January 2011

Easing Myself Back Into The Sims

After having an awesome couple of days at Disneyland without my laptop I decided to ease myself in with some easy stuff. Such as the Landgrabb family. (Sorry if I misspelt it, it's a tricky word!)
I always feel sorry for the loner son of theirs. While other children already have friends this little guy starts out with none... So I took him to the park, where he played by himself.
So I did what any good simmer would do, I gave him a toy!
Now he could build a relationship with someone!
But with the wonders of free will...

He chose a pregnant lady. Not a child.
I have a ton of these photos from catch, it's a really addictive photo op!

I'm gonna finish you off with a romantic picture of my favourite two sims...
Not exactly related to the loner child problemo...
But look at them!
I used my very own Michael Buble   and ThatAmi's Claire O'Shea. She's pretty cute.
I did remake Claire a little but I've sorta become attached to that girl.

Michael Buble Download

Claire O'Shea Download

That's all for this time folks! Sorry if it wasn't very interesting but I really didn't want to disappear from the face of the Earth. (Or the forums.)
I'm also a little cranky from this virus I caught - it's not pleasant. I'm talking serious stuff here.

Ta'ra! (It means goodbye in North-Western speak ;) )

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